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Online Video: News and User-Generated Content

Posted by Mort Greenberg on March 15, 2008


MARCH 14, 2008

ABI Research surveyed 1,000 US Internet users during December 2007 and found significant uptake of online video services. The study found that 86% of respondents were already viewing online video content.

The most popular type of video content was news, with 65% of respondents watching it online.

Movie trailers and user-generated content were the next most popular; each was watched by 45%.

In addition, a significant 31% of respondents were also watching TV shows online, countering the notion that Web video is only suited for short-form content.

When it comes to paying for video online, only 5% of respondents actually paid for the content they watched, with most paying less than $5 per week.

This level of spending may already represent a price ceiling, according to ABI .  


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