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NBC’s ‘Year-Round’ Season Announced Next Week

Posted by Mort Greenberg on March 27, 2008


Say good-bye, Jamie

True to its promise to advertisers, NBC is announcing its new schedule early. It will hold a presentation next Wednesday to unveil not only its fall schedule but its plan for fresh, midseason content and summer programming.

NBC announced its intention to move from a fall television season to one that offers new shows throughout the year. Media buyers, for the most part, have applauded the move, though they have said that for the move to be effective, NBC will have to air new, scripted shows during summer months, not just reality fare.

Fox has pointed out that it has been releasing new shows at mid-season and during the summer months for several years, and called the NBC announcement smoke and mirrors.

If NBC is serious about its plans to offer a year-round television schedule and not just a gussied-up fall season with some mid-season and summer additions, it could shake up the traditional May upfronts, writes Media Life.

So far, NBC has already renewed two scripted shows, Life and Chuck. Both will get big relaunches next fall. The Office, Heroes, My Name Is Earl and Deal or No Deal will also be back. Medium is expected to be renewed, as are ER – for one final season – and all three Law & Order shows.

Bionic Woman and Journeyman have bitten the dust.


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