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YouTube Insights Gives Users Metrics for Their Videos

Posted by Mort Greenberg on March 27, 2008


March 27, 2008 · Print This Article

YouTube stats for users. That should be interesting. A new feature from YouTube, called YouTube Insights, is giving you the scoop on the metrics behind your uploaded clips, as promised. Now you can see who uploaded any given video, as well as how often the videos are viewed across various geographic regions, and how popular that video is in relation to that particular region, over time.

Want some info on the lifecycle of your clips? YouTube Insights lets you see how long it takes for your video to become popular, and how that video performs once it reaches a certain popularity status. The new metrics are available under the About This Video, which can be accessed in your account details for managing your videos.


What’s more, is the new metrics are available to all YouTube users, meaning such video details aren’t restricted to partners and advertisers. Users get in on the fun as well. So if you’ve got a YouTube method to your online presence madness, YouTube is looking to provide you with the numbers that will help you determine your next steps, and overall improve your online video distribution strategy.

While the current Insight offerings seem a bit more on the basic side, and are generally confined to an individual video basis, the introduction of such metrics tools seems aptly aligned with Google, and the recently updated advertising options for YouTube clips. I’m hoping this means that even more autonomy will be granted to end users on YouTube, as the king of online videos still faces the obstacle of providing effective monetization options for YouTube users.

This new Insights feature also looks to potentially take on any competition seen from third-party metrics services like TubeMogul, though most of these third-party services already offer a remote statistical look at video distribution across multiple video networks, as the cross-network platform is key to many serious online video distributors.


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