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Posted by Mort Greenberg on April 4, 2008


Online Advertising Has Value, Dammit!
using impression-based metrics (reach, frequency, impressions) to gauge the success of brand ads. Agencies have worshipped these stats because they prod
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Citizen Huff
New York Times – United States
When Ms. Morgan, the site’s chief executive, arrived last fall, she immediately drew attention to metrics by requesting daily traffic statistics,
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Trying To Make Sense When Numbers Don’t Tell All
MediaPost Publications – New York,USA
Bernstein analyst Jeffrey Lindsay rightly points out that comScore data also confirmed significant improvement in other Google key metrics such as unique
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Get Your Video Statistics With YouTube Insight
SDA India Magazine – Singapore
The metrics YouTube is making available are likely to be appreciated by marketers and professional video makers, who can use the information to see where
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The Leading Authority on Email Marketing Metrics
Email Marketing Statistics and Metrics Welcome to, the first centralized online repository of statistics and research specific to


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