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Draft 2008 NAI Principles Call for Comments through June 12th, 2008

Posted by Mort Greenberg on April 11, 2008


The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) asks for public comment on proposed updates to its NAI Principles self-regulatory standards. Below are links to documents related to this release:

Although NAI members consulted with many business stakeholders during the development of this revised draft, they hope that releasing this document for public comment will garner even broader input.

In addition to global feedback on the document, NAI members hope to also benefit from specific feedback on the following:

  • Which, if any, provisions of this Code could be adapted to other online advertising business models?
  • What verification should be undertaken for a member compliance review and to what extent should third parties be involved in this process?
  • Which emerging technology alternatives to traditional cookie-based opt outs, if any, afford appropriate levels of transparency and user control so that they should be considered compliant with the NAI Code of Conduct?
  • Is a form of verifiable parental consent possible or appropriate in the non-PII context?
  • To what extent will the proposed use limitations relating to restricted, sensitive, and children’s consumer segments serve as a basis for more meaningful self-regulation? Does this framework make sense?
  • How can the NAI consumer website and transparency campaigns in general be more effective?

Comments can be sent by email prior to Thursday, June 12th 2008, to NAI staff at:


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