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Is Behavioral Targeting Bothersome?

Posted by Mort Greenberg on April 11, 2008


APRIL 11, 2008

A March 2008 Harris Interactive survey found that 59% of US adult Internet users were uncomfortable with Web sites using information about their online activities to target them with ads or content.

Of the 41% who were comfortable, only 7% were very comfortable, while 34% were only somewhat comfortable.

Younger respondents were more accepting of behavioral targeting. Among 18- to-31-year-olds surveyed, 49% were comfortable with the practice, as were 45% of 32- to-43-year-olds. Baby boomers and matures were less accepting, with only 34% and 31% saying they were comfortable.

Better transparency about how Web sites may use their information would help to overcome consumer discomfort.

After the participants were shown a series of potential privacy and security policies, the level of comfort rose among all age groups. Overall, 55% said they were comfortable with the practice after being shown the policies.



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