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Mobile Display Ads Have Branding Impact – Increase Awareness, Interest

Posted by Mort Greenberg on May 1, 2008

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Awareness of and interest in “The Golden Compass” among those exposed to full-screen mobile ads for the film increased significantly, according to the results of a mobile advertising campaign by Greystripe and New Line Cinema, MarketingCharts reports.

Greystripe commissioned Dynamic Logic to conduct research to measure the success of the ad campaign in raising awareness, interest and intent-to-see the movie. Survey respondents were separated into “control” and “exposed” groups based on who saw the mobile ads.

Mobile web users exposed to “The Golden Compass” ads on the Greystripe network exhibited the following, according to the study (see chart):

  • Significant increases in awareness of and interest in film – a 19.3 percentage-point increase in awareness of the film’s title.
  • Increased interest – exposure resulted in a 9.5 percentage-point increase in interest in seeing the film among respondents overall.
  • Intent to see the movie in theaters increased by 14.5 percentage points among respondents age 18-24 (see tables).

Additional findings:

  • Respondents who identified themselves as “frequent” movie-goers use the mobile internet more often than those identified as “non-frequent” movie-goers (79 percent vs. 58 percent).
  • Among all respondents, 35 percent use their mobile phones for “finding theater and movie times” and 29 percent “watch movie trailers.”
  • Mobile ads were most effective among those described as “avid” movie-goers (those who have seen three or more movies in the theater in the past two months).

About the case study: The campaign ran on Greystripe’s mobile ad network, which delivers full-screen advertisements that are wrapped around mobile games and applications. The mobile web survey was fielded November 8 to December 6, 2007, among 786 mobile Web users age 18-55.


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