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New Online Advertising Contest Blends “American Idol” with “The Apprentice”

Posted by Mort Greenberg on May 3, 2008

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New York, NY (PRWEB) May 2, 2008 — A new website launched last month; a site that actually does something new and useful. It’s a social media site that is kind of like “American Idol” meets “The Apprentice.”


Here’s the site: (, a place where people can create their own ads and then share them with the world. The site gives away real money prizes ( to the top 3 winners of an elimination contest similar to “American Idol.” First prize is a whopping $15,000! But, the site is more than just a contest. Corporations and ad agencies can view ads submitted by the public, so someone who makes a great ad can actually find a job through this site (much like “The Apprentice”.) If the site sells your ad idea, you would receive a commission too.


The internet has opened up possibilities for non-professional hopefuls to get their work seen — something which was not a possibility in the past. allows for creating and thinking about ad concepts — a new example of the internet’s power.


What’s interesting about the current contest, ‘The Commercial Pitch Challenge’ (, is that it encourages college & graduate students across the U.S. to participate. For college students that enter, they can represent their colleges by associating their school name & logo with their pitch. CommercialPitch is asking contestants to stretch their imagination by pitching original and “out of the box” commercials. Essentially, the site lets the public play Ad Exec with full freedom of expression. Eat your heart out Donny Deutsch!


Oh, and one last thing, allows pitch entries in various formats: Video, Storyboard & Text which opens up the possibility of expressing your idea in a format that best suits you.


Rick Joseph, President of sees this site as a major addition to the Internet and already is brainstorming about the possibilities of Season II. 


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