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NBC Local Media Targets ‘Locals Only’ with New Website Launch

Posted by Mort Greenberg on October 19, 2008

New approach will provide content for the true city insider. – October 13, 2008

(PRNewsChannel) / New York, N.Y. / Embracing a new business strategy, NBC Local Media will launch websites targeting “Locals Only,” providing news, entertainment and information for the true city insider. No longer an adjunct to its local television station, the new sites will feature content from a wide variety of sources — including print, online publications, bloggers, individuals and NBC’s local television stations — to provide a new destination for local consumers who are looking to stay ahead of the curve and get plugged in to all their city has to offer.  

The sites will roll out in four phases throughout the month, beginning with Chicago in the afternoon of October 13; followed by Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco on October 16; then Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. on October 20; and New York and Hartford on October 27. The web properties, which replace the current station marketing sites, will also change their URLs to better highlight the name of each city. (A complete list of new URLs is attached).

“These sites are a departure from what we’ve done in the past and the next step in our mission to provide truly relevant local content to consumers on the media platform of their choice,” said John Wallace, President, NBC Local Media. “Our goal was to create a new type of user experience that’s less an extension of our TV stations and more of an online destination for the latest local news, information and entertainment. These sites are about putting consumers first and giving them the content they’re looking for from the best available sources.”

The new websites target a specific online community that wants to know more about their local cities – whether they live in them or not. They are highly social, digitally savvy and extremely interested in staying on top of the latest local news and information. They also enjoy the trappings of urban life – such as music, food, fashion, and museums – and have an interest in creating, experimenting, sharing and critiquing all they experience.

Brian Buchwald, Senior Vice President of NBC Local Integrated Media, added, “When we decided to change the focus of our business, we specifically set out to target people who loved their cities, embrace change and have a huge appetite for local news and information. What we found is the group we’re calling ‘Social Capitalists,’ who are less about a specific demo and more about a state of mind. They’re passionate, like to stay ahead of the curve and influence others in their peer groups. We’re confident these new sites will deliver what they’re looking for as we experiment and learn together.”

Each site will have an entirely new look and feel with easy to use navigation features. Content will be aggregated from the best available sources – in many cases linking to outside content providers or contributed by the audience itself – in order to provide consumers with the best and most informed user experience. The online features will also be created with a more integrated approach, using text, videos, blogs, or whatever medium is appropriate, to tell the full story.

The new online approach is part of NBC Local Media’s continuing effort to transform its business and become a full-service multi-platform content provider for the local marketplace. The website launch is one of many efforts made recently by the group to better reflect today’s media environment. These include the recent acquisition of LX.TV and Skycastle Entertainment; continued investment in NBC Everywhere, the group’s growing out-of-home media division; and the soon-to-launch 24/7 news and information channel at the flagship television station, WNBC.

New domain names (in order of launch):


About NBC Local Media:
NBC Local Media is comprised of ten NBC owned-and-operated television stations reaching 27% of US TV households; the NBC Everywhere operation focusing on the growing Out of Home digital market; LX.TV, a content production company that produces lifestyle and cultural programming; and Skycastle Entertainment, an award-winning entertainment marketing and promotion company. Together, the NBC Local Media properties distribute NBC Universal content and produce local content for broadcast television, broadband networks, digital channels and numerous media outlets outside of the home. NBC Local Media is a division of NBC Universal.

Media Contact:
Liz Fischer, NBC Universal, 212-664-4825,


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