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Attack of The Frames: VideoEgg Introduces The Twig Ad Bar

Posted by michael hoydich on April 15, 2009

Article Link:  TechCrunch – Video Egg

Article Author: Erick Schonfeld

Article Date: 15-Apr-09

From the Article :

“Frames are definitely back. More and more Web apps like the Diggbar are using frames to overlay a thin toolbar on top of other Websites, and the practice is causing some controversy because frames are generally frowned upon as messy Web design. Today, VideoEgg is introducing a new ad unit called the Twig, which looks like a toolbar either at the top or bottom of a Web page. The Twig ad bar frames the site and is always visible no matter how far a reader scrolls down the page. When you click on the bar, you get a three-second warning before a VideoEgg ad takes over the whole page as an overlay.”


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