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Taking Online-Ad Measurement Beyond the Click

Posted by June Xu on May 29, 2009

Article Link: Ad Age

Article Author: Abbey Klaassen and Michael Learmonth

Article Date: 18-May-09

From the Article:

If not the click, then what?

There is no one answer to how to best measure online advertising. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that in an era defined by deeper and better analysis of online data — the Google-ification of online advertising — many marketers are betting on a familiar-looking model: Do the ads move those more-traditional metrics, such as consideration and intent to purchase?


One Response to “Taking Online-Ad Measurement Beyond the Click”

  1. hannahhkelly said

    I agree with what you said that there is no one answer to measure online advertising. As mentioned in a recent news article the biggest difficulty that agencies and advertisers have with online ad networks is a lack of transparency about the sites within the network. (Read the full article here).

    comScore also compared vertical ad network reach among US internet users as of March 2008 and March 2009.

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