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Microsoft readies Bing-a-thon

Posted by michael hoydich on June 8, 2009

If Microsoft has its way and gets its money’s worth from a $100 million campaign, Bing will be everywhere. Following the launch of the company’s new search engine, a campaign is underway that has Bing prominently placed inside TV shows and Hulu, The New York Times reports.

“It’s a very tall marketing challenge and a very tall product challenge,” Yusuf Mehdi, SVP of Microsoft’s online services division, told the Times. “It’s going to take multiple steps to get where we want to go, and this is the first step.”

On Monday, Hulu will run a telethon-style commercial called a “Bing-a-thon,” beginning at 8 p.m. (Eastern Time). Los Angeles-based Creative Artists Agency developed the program, according to the Times.


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