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Display Is Not The Problem; The Scoring Methods Are

Posted by Mort Greenberg on February 25, 2009

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Article Author: David Kaplan

Article Date: 25-Feb-09

“This industry shouldn’t feel bad about anything. At the end of the day, we have to keep things in perspective. The economy around us is bad and the ad sector is being hit hard. Within that online is still a bright spot. Eyeballs are still moving to online media, and in many sectors, spending is increasing dramatically. And so, yes, is it disappointing, absolutely; is it a catastrophe? Absolutely not. This is just a bump in the road to where we’re going – and that is to a world where advertising is digital and media is accountable, allowing creativity to flourish. “

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NBC Local Mines Web for ‘Golden’ Cities

Posted by Mort Greenberg on January 27, 2009

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Article Author:  Katie Bachman

Article Date:  26-Jan-09

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The award, established in conjunction with New York creative agency, Mother New York, is part of NBC Local Media’s marketing strategy for its newly relaunched sites
Jan 26, 2009

-By Katy Bachman

NBC’s local TV station Web sites, recently relaunched in October as city sites, added Monday (Jan. 26) a new award to honor the best of what cities have to offer, from the best hot dog to the best dry cleaner.

Called the Golden Local, the award, established in conjunction with New York creative agency, Mother New York, is part of NBC Local Media’s marketing strategy for its newly relaunched sites.

In December, NBC Local Media kicked off the marketing of its new city sites in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, by holding underground concerts featuring hip-hop artist Common.
Golden Local winners will be determined by debate among visitors to the city sites, who will also place votes for the best in their city.

“The Golden Locals are a great opportunity to create a community for ‘Social Capitalists,’ the group we’ve specifically targeted since the launch of our new city sites,” said Brian Buchwald, senior vp of NBC Local Integrated Media. “We think this is a fun and interactive approach in engaging locals and giving them the authority to decide on what’s hot in their city.”

To promote the Golden Local, NBC Local Media plans to launch an irreverent advertising campaign across its owned-and-operated stations and the Web sites.

Winners of the Golden Local will be awarded “human trophies” that can be prominently displayed outside the local establishment.

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Your creative checklist for online display

Posted by Mort Greenberg on November 5, 2008

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Article Author: Blaise Nutter

Article Date: 5-Nov-08

“With an interactive banner, you have a tremendous opportunity to have that ‘a-ha’ moment, to give that control to the user and let them discover that ‘a-ha’ moment,” Samari says.

The “a-ha” moment feeds consumers’ sense of discovery, pulling them into an interaction with the banner and thus starting the conversation. “It’s all about giving that control to the user and trusting the element of discovery is going to be much more powerful and lasting than if we were just to blast our message down their throat,” Samari adds.”


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Ad rates down, but forecasts look positive

Posted by Mort Greenberg on November 5, 2008

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Article Author: Rich Cherecwich

Article Date:  4-Nov-08

“Online ad rates may be dropping, but spending for online will buck the current media trend and continue to increase in 2009, according to several analysts. 

Meanwhile, marketers are divided on how to approach the coming year. A survey by the Association of National Advertisers found that 39 percent of marketers plan on spending more on marketing and advertising next year. One third said they would spend less, while 28 percent said they would spend the same amount.”


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Mobile Marketing Association Publishes Updated Global Mobile Advertising Guidelines

Posted by Mort Greenberg on November 2, 2008

Presee Release from Latest Revised Guidelines Address Mobile TV and Video and Multimedia Messaging

“The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) ( today announced the release of an updated version of its global Mobile Advertising Guidelines. The guidelines provide the global formats, guidelines and best practices necessary to implement mobile advertising initiatives in a variety of mobile media channels, including web, messaging, downloadable applications and video. The MMA has published regional ad guidelines since 2005 and globalized the guidelines in April 2008.

Key revisions include:


  Updated Mobile Web Guidelines:

  Added recommendation on automatic resizing of Mobile Web banner ads

  Updated Multimedia Messaging (MMS):

  Revised the MMS Ad Unit and Aspect Ratio recommendations

  Updated the Audio Formats best practices

  Revised the Size recommendations


New Mobile Video and TV guidelines including the following:


  Ad Units

  Aspect Ratios

The guidelines are designed to encourage the uptake of mobile marketing worldwide by creating a simplified framework for brands and agencies to deliver mobile advertising in a consistent way. Released every 6 months, the guidelines process ensures that the recommendations are continually updated and reflective of global best practices and industry feedback.

The new set of guidelines are the result of ongoing collaboration between MMA member companies and MMA Mobile Advertising Committee members in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America regions and are representative of the entire mobile marketing ecosystem. They have also received industry endorsement from industry associations such as ADMA, BVDW, DMA UK, dotMobi Advisory Group (MAG), IAB UK, Chile and Mexico.

The continued enhancement of the MMAs global Mobile Advertising Guidelines ensure that marketers are able to quickly deploy mobile advertising campaigns world-wide in a manner that optimizes screen size and ensures consumer satisfaction. Through our Mobile Advertising Committee, the MMA continues to stay at the forefront of industry leadership for mobile advertising guidelines and education development, said MMA President Laura Marriott.

The MMA Mobile Advertising Committee member companies include: 4INFO, Inc., AdInfuse, Inc., AT&T Mobility, Buzzd, Google, Golden Gekko Ltd, GoldSpot Media, Greystripe Incorporated, GroupM, JumpTap, Madhouse Inc., MediaFLO USA, Inc., Microsoft (MSN and Windows Live), Millennial Media, Inc., Mobile Posse, MobiTX, Inc., Mobixell Networks (Europe) Ltd, Neustar Inc., News Over Wireless, Nokia Corporation, OpenMarket, Qualcomm, R/GA, Rhythm NewMedia, ScreenTonic, Sensei, Inc. Sharpcards, Smarter Agent, Smaato Inc., State Farm Insurance, Tapioca Mobile, Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S., Unkasoft Advergaming, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone Group Services Ltd., Yahoo!

The latest version of the MMA global Mobile Guidelines can be downloaded from The MMA has also published a Mobile Advertising Overview white paper ( as well as an Applications white paper ( for educational purposes.

About the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is the premier global non-profit trade association established to lead the growth of mobile marketing and its associated technologies. The MMA is an action-oriented organization designed to clear obstacles to market development, establish mobile media guidelines and best practices for sustainable growth, and evangelize the use of the mobile channel. The more than 700 member companies, representing over forty countries around the globe, include all members of the mobile media ecosystem. The Mobile Marketing Associations global headquarters are located in the United States and in 2007 it formed the North America (NA), Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA), Latin American (LATAM) and Asia Pacific (APAC) branches. For more information, please visit”

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Marketers must join media to get slice of online pie

Posted by Mort Greenberg on November 2, 2008

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Article Author: Jeff Cornwall 

Article Date: 2-Nov-08


“All media outlets, especially local media, need to get better at monetizing the digital expressions of their core properties. (Translation: They need to make money online.) Marketers who depend on those local media need to grasp this concept.

Local media sites also perform strongest with the heaviest spenders. Almost half of local magazine site visitors spent more than $500 online in the past 12 months.

So what types of businesses are consumers looking for when going to local sites? Restaurants and bars lead the list. Grocery stores, banks and financial services, department stores and physicians and health facilities round out the top five.

Consumer electronics stores, auto dealers and auto service, real estate, furniture and appliance stores and legal services complete the top 10 sites.

Marketers and agencies must accept the new media reality and understand the options available to communicate with their customers. It may sound ironic, but while the World Wide Web helps us think globally, it allows us to act locally. ”



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You Sell Online Advertising, But Do You Have a Sales Plan?

Posted by Mort Greenberg on October 27, 2008

With all of the recent news about job cuts and ad spending declines, even with online, how can an online sales person stand out?

In the fall of 2006 during a job interview the CEO of a new, well funded, online media company asked me if I ever read the book “Hope is Not a Strategy”. This guy had founded, and sold several software companies, and made lots of money from them. He wanted to know what type of sales strategies online sales people used.

His former heads of sales it turns out all had very elaborate systems for their teams. My initial comment was that when an RFP comes in at 3pm on a Friday and is due by 5pm the same day it can be tough to map out a full strategy. He knew that I was referring to a very short sales cycle with online, versus a very long sales cycle for software that could be a year or more.

However, as we started talking about quarterly and annual planning that most online businesses do, he jumped in again and asked, “but what planning do the sellers do to” ? At the end of the conversation he gave me a homework assignment to read the book “Hope is Not a Strategy” I read the book, wrote a report, believe it or not, and had a new view on how to better sell.

At the end is a link to the report, and below are a few thoughts from this book as it can apply to online ad sales. More importantly, this blog post is meant to be a motivator for any online sales person looking for an edge right now. Additionally, anyone on the ad agency side, who pitch new business as frequently as ad sales people do, may find this valuable too.

1) It is almost impossible to give a tailored, focused presentation if you haven’t spent time face to face with the client before the presentation.

2) Did you have a team strategy session prior to the presentation?

3) Selling ad solutions (Or agency solutions) means reducing risk for the client by taking responsibility for account management, custom ad integration, and deal optimization.

After weeks of back and forth during this long job interview, and conversations about sales strategy, I received a call that I was the finalist, and then presented with the offer. It seemed that not only did no one else read the book, but no one else put in as much time to create a relationship with the CEO. By putting in the time to learn about this person, my customer in many ways, I was able to understand his view of what online advertising was, and could be for his business. In the end I chose to join a different company, and not because of him or the process, that only made it much more difficult to say no. However, this process reinforced that taking the time to get to know someone, their views, and never giving up when you need to fight can go a long way.


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Execute on That Idea

Posted by Mort Greenberg on October 27, 2008

All of us over the past few weeks have been in conversations about how the economy has negatively affected online advertising.  While there are companies that have let go of employees, or have wound down, there are some looking to get started, there just has to be. The entrepreneurial spirit is very contagious. Anyone out there that has an idea for a business that generates revenue from online ad sales, keep fighting. And of course, anyone looking to get started with an idea, fight through to execute on that as well. While I’m sure you already have a great business plan format, here is one I came across online from Sequoia Capital.


Writing A Business Plan

Business plans that present a lot of information in as few words as possible are the best. The following format, within 15-20 slides comes from Sequoia Capital:

Company Purpose

  • Define the company/business in a single declarative sentence.


  • Describe the pain of the customer (or the customer’s customer).
  • Outline how the customer addresses the issue today.


  • Demonstrate your company’s value proposition to make the customer’s life better.
  • Show where your product physically sits.
  • Provide use cases.

Why Now

  • Set-up the historical evolution of your category.
  • Define recent trends that make your solution possible.

Market Size

  • Identify/profile the customer you cater to.
  • Calculate the TAM (top down), SAM (bottoms up) and SOM.


  • List competitors
  • List competitive advantages


  • Product line-up (form factor, functionality, features, architecture, intellectual property).
  • Development roadmap.

Business Model

  • Revenue model
  • Pricing
  • Average account size and/or lifetime value
  • Sales & distribution model
  • Customer/pipeline list


  • Founders & Management
  • Board of Directors/Board of Advisors


  • P&L
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow
  • Cap table
  • The deal







Elements of Sustainable Companies

Start-ups with these characteristics often foretells the success of a business and the likelihood of it becoming a sustainable, enduring company. We like to partner with companies that have:

Clarity of Purpose

Summarize the company’s business on the back of a business card.

Large Markets

Address existing markets poised for rapid growth or change. A market on the path to a $1B potential allows for error and time for real margins to develop.

Rich Customers

Target customers who will move fast and pay a premium for a unique offering.


Customers will only buy a simple product with a singular value proposition.

Pain Killers

Pick the one thing that is of burning importance to the customer then delight them with a compelling solution.

Think Differently

Constantly challenge conventional wisdom. Take the contrarian route. Create novel solutions. Outwit the competition.

Team DNA

A company’s DNA is set in the first 90 days. All team members are the smartest or most clever in their domain. “A” level founders attract an “A” level team.


Stealth and speed will usually help beat-out large companies.


Focus spending on what’s critical. Spend only on the priorities and maximize profitability.


Start with only a little money. It forces discipline and focus. A huge market with customers yearning for a product developed by great engineers requires very little firepower.

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Web Ad Growth Falls Off — and So Do the Salaries

Posted by Mort Greenberg on October 26, 2008

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Article Author: Michael Learmonth

Article Date: 28-Oct-08

NEW YORK ( — The $23 billion online ad market is slowing down, and so is the once white-hot market for online-ad talent.

Five years of double-digit growth fueled a scramble for talent unseen since the last boom, as hundreds of ad networks and venture-funded start-ups competed with the portals, agencies and marketers to hire anyone who knew — or agreed to learn — how to sell or buy and online advertising.

Aside from the burst of another asset bubble, there are few similarities between the internet bust of 2000 and the slowdown occurring today. First, most believe we’re looking at a few years of single-digit growth, not negative growth, as occurred between 2000 and 2002. In 2000, online advertising was still experimental for most marketers; today it’s part of the mainstream.


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Making Great Online Ad Creative

Posted by Mort Greenberg on October 23, 2008

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Article Author: Dave Chaffey

The questions to ask are … Is the ad…

A. Consistently branded?

  • Is every frame in the advert branded?
  • Is the product name clearly referenced?
  • Would the branding be consistent without the logo?
  • What interest or value does it offer? Particularly effective are:
    • Time limited offers (this week only, final week)
    • Unique web offers – only available online
    • Surveys / polls / questions

B. Clear? With a…

  • Clear primary offer / message ?
  • Clear secondary offer / message ?
  • Have you communicated message in 3-4 frames or less?

C. Response driven

Will the advert drive response?

  • Is the call to action in every/most frames?
  • Which product / theme is the ad about
  • Which search would it prompt : “Brand” + ??
  • Does it include URL ( if creating awareness of a newly launched site?


Is the ad interactive:

  • Prompting rollover if it is an expandable banner (the example below doesn’t do this)
  • Encouraging interaction through mouse rollovers – those it give a feedback loop
  • Encouraging interaction through data entry or slider controls.


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