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Why Interactive Advertising Needs a Creative Revolution

Posted by Andrew Daniels on June 15, 2009

Article Link: Adage

Article Author: Hernan Lopez

Article Date: 15-June-09

From the Article:

Maybe online is more than making up what it lacks in creative with better targeting. Maybe it’s working its magic in conjunction with TV, by letting brands with smaller budgets afford continuity, or by acting as a “reminder” of a TV ad. Maybe online is working on its own, by adding leverage to a “weak force” and making it stronger. But this much is clear: Online advertising will work even better if there is an interactive creative revolution.


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Google Loses Another Ad Exec

Posted by June Xu on June 5, 2009

Article Link: Adage

Article Author: Bill Shea and Michael Learmonth

Article Date: 04-June-09

From the Article:

Grady Burnett, head of Google’s AdWords division, is leaving the company for Facebook, Ad Age sibling Crain’s Detroit Business reported today. He is the fourth top ad exec to leave the search giant in recent months.

Mr. Burnett will move from Google’s AdWords operation in Ann Arbor, Mich., to Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., to head Facebook’s global self-serve-ad operation, reporting to Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

Just this week Google’s head of advertising-agency relations, Erin Clift, left Google for AOL, joining former Google exec Jeff Levick, AOL’s global head of ad strategy, and, of course, Tim Armstrong, the former head of North America for Google, who is now CEO of AOL.

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Microsoft Hopes Bing’s Richer Results Will Drive Ad Dollars

Posted by Andrew Daniels on June 3, 2009

Article Link: ClickZ

Article Author: Jack Marshall

Article Date: 03 -June-09

From the Article:

Microsoft says its new ad offerings will “go beyond the blue links.” The engine will integrate results from other Microsoft properties, such as shopping information from Ciao, and mapping content from Multimap, and offer display and cost-per-lead ad products in addition to keyword-driven sponsored search listings.
For example, a search for shoes will return Web results, sponsored listings, and cost-per-lead driven shopping results on the same page. Likewise, searches for geographic destinations will return sponsored location listings within mapping information. In addition, Microsoft plans to offer demographic and geographic search targeting capabilities, alongside location specific content and results.

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Move Over, Q Scores

Posted by Andrew Daniels on June 2, 2009

Article Link: Adage

Article Author: Wayne Arnold

Article Date: 01 -June-09

From the Article:

As Simon Clift of Unilever made clear at the Ad Age Digital Conference recently, brands no longer have total control of the communications surrounding their products or even the positioning of them. That power is now in the hands of the digital consumer. Ford agrees. It’s just asked 100 bloggers to launch the Fiesta in the U.S.

Every week I read about a campaign headed in that direction. Skittles and Land Rover had their respective Twitter experiments, and while we are yet to find out if candy flew off the shelves and more 4x4s hit the road, I applaud their willingness and bravery in stress testing what I, too, think are the new rules.

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MySpace Experimenting With Interactive Ads Powered By SocialMedia

Posted by Andrew Daniels on June 1, 2009

Article Link: TechCrunch

Article Author: Jason Kincaid

Article Date: 01 -June-09

From the Article:

At this morning’s Conversational Marketing Summit in New York, SocialMedia CEO Seth Goldstein revealed that the advertising company had been working with MySpace to develop and deploy ‘Interaction Ads’ – an advertising product that can prompt a MySpace member for input and use that, along with MySpace’s social graph, to tailor the advertising shown to their friends.

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List of Advertising Agencies on Twitter

Posted by michael hoydich on May 27, 2009

Article Link: Mojave

Article Date: 09-March-09

Examples from Article:

Incognito Digital: 🙂

Leo Burnett:

Design Kitchen:
Draft FCB:
GSD&M Idea City:

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An Industry That Sells Takes a Look in the Mirror

Posted by michael hoydich on April 29, 2009

Article Link: New York Times


Article Date: 29-Apr-09

From the Article :

THE advertising industry needs to do a better job of advertising itself, speakers and attendees at the 2009 American Association of Advertising Agencies leadership conference here said.

That rebranding began close to home. On Tuesday, the association’s president and chief executive, Nancy Hill, announced the group would now go by the name 4A’s, since the “American” was too limited (advertisers do business internationally), as was “Advertising Agencies” (firms now offer public relations services as well).

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Web Ad Growth Falls Off — and So Do the Salaries

Posted by Mort Greenberg on October 26, 2008

Article Source:

Article Link:

Article Author: Michael Learmonth

Article Date: 28-Oct-08

NEW YORK ( — The $23 billion online ad market is slowing down, and so is the once white-hot market for online-ad talent.

Five years of double-digit growth fueled a scramble for talent unseen since the last boom, as hundreds of ad networks and venture-funded start-ups competed with the portals, agencies and marketers to hire anyone who knew — or agreed to learn — how to sell or buy and online advertising.

Aside from the burst of another asset bubble, there are few similarities between the internet bust of 2000 and the slowdown occurring today. First, most believe we’re looking at a few years of single-digit growth, not negative growth, as occurred between 2000 and 2002. In 2000, online advertising was still experimental for most marketers; today it’s part of the mainstream.


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Rough Seas Ahead? Digital shops ride the waves of uncertainty

Posted by Mort Greenberg on October 19, 2008

Article Source:

Article Link:

Article Author: Brian Morrissey 

Like all shops, digital agencies are focused on solidifying client relationships in tough times. The focus on driving business results will only grow in a downturn. Unproven tactics — think viral videos with views as the only success measure — are passe. What’s in is unsexy stuff like customer-relationship management. This will tend to favor not only direct-response agencies, but digital shops that can prove their programs are more than just entertaining experiences.

The good news, however, is that unlike the dot-com era, when agencies grew fat on venture-fueled startup clients and the Internet was unproven, digital is here to stay. “Digital has proven itself,” said Kokich. “When the market crashed in 2001, a lot of traditional companies said we don’t have to worry about that. That’s not happening. Every brand knows that digital is an important part of their marketing mix.”


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Brands Embrace Online Video, But Play It Safe

Posted by Mort Greenberg on July 25, 2008

Article Source:

Article Link:

Article Author: By Anna Maria Virzi

Are Big Brands Risk Averse?

Some brand advertisers are establishing microsites on the Web and developing their own YouTube channels. Others are running ads accompanying streaming television shows and movies appearing on Hulu, a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp.

“Most of my clients are fairly conservative,” explained Chris Allen, vice president/director of video innovation, Starcom USA. “We have not seen a rush to support user-generated content.”


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