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New News Corp ad network to court financial sites

Posted by Mort Greenberg on May 25, 2008

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Mon May 19, 2008 1:23am EDT, By Kenneth Li

NEW YORK (Reuters) – News Corp’s .Fox Networks is launching an international online ad network Monday focused on financial news and advice, with help from the Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

About 30 web site publishers are part of the network, called Worthnet.Fox, including Dow Jones’s Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and MarketWatch. News Corp bought Dow Jones last December.

The network is designed to target a growing class of executives who spend time in myriad global regions, as economic borders dissolve amid international expansion.

“The economy has grown around the world and has helped create a new global affluent individual,” Hernan Lopez, chief operating officer of Fox International Channels, said in an interview. For example, the site would target “the head of world financial companies that expands his operations in India and wants a local manager that has experience in more international companies.”

.Fox Networks, an online advertising network that helps market unsold advertising space on web sites outside of the United States, is a division of News Corp’s Fox International Channels.

Relatively unknown in the U.S. until April, .Fox is taking a more prominent role within Rupert Murdoch’s empire as it seeks ways to work with the media mogul’s vast portfolio of companies.

In April, .Fox purchased European online video ad network Utarget for an undisclosed sum and announced it would start finding ways to work with one of News Corp’s most closely watched divisions — Fox Interactive Media, which oversees the world’s largest social network, MySpace.

The launch of Worthnet.Fox appears to be part of News Corp’s intentions to expand Dow Jones’s international presence as rivals, including Thomson Reuters, consolidate.

Since Murdoch’s estimated $5 billion purchase of Dow Jones last December, the 77-year-old executive has made the division a top priority and has said he aimed to make Dow Jones’s Wall Street Journal not just a must-read in the United States, but also a formidable global competitor in financial and political news and data.

Lopez said his division worked closely with Dow Jones in creating Worthnet.Fox. The new network will help Dow Jones sell ad inventory in areas outside the United States where Dow does not currently operate sales offices, focusing on Latin America.

(Reporting by Kenneth Li, editing by Gerald E. McCormick)


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The UK Internet Boom

Posted by Mort Greenberg on February 19, 2008

The UK Internet Boom

FEBRUARY 19, 2008

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The British are going digital — fast.

2007 was another boom year for the Internet in the United Kingdom. Almost 37 million people went online in an average month—that’s over 60% of the population.

UK Internet Users and Penetration, 2007-2012 (millions and % of population)

This year looks like more of the same, and by 2012 eMarketer estimates that the Internet will reach roughly 70% of all UK residents.

”Britain has one of the most experienced and active online populations in the world,” says Karin von Abrams, eMarketer Senior Analyst and author of the new report, UK Internet: Users and Usage, “Confidence in e-commerce is high.”

In fact, the UK will account for at least 40% of 2008 online sales in Western Europe. This proportion will decline slightly as e-commerce becomes better established elsewhere in the region, but the UK will still represent the greatest single share of the European market in 2011.

Distribution of B2C E-Commerce Sales* in Europe, 2006 & 2011 (% of total)

“A long tradition of catalog and mail-order shopping has contributed to the practice of online buying in the UK,” says Ms. von Abrams.

In addition, most e-buyers in the UK have generally had satisfactory experiences with online commerce.

“Merchants have been careful to establish excellent security for transactions and reliable delivery services,” says Ms. von Abrams. “And online prices are very competitive, particularly for books, travel tickets and items bought at auction sites.”

Not surprisingly, the average spend per buyer has been rising steadily, and eMarketer estimates the number will approach a healthy £2,000 ($3,800) in 2008.

B2C E-Commerce: UK, 2006-2011

“The UK’s Internet shoppers favor the same kinds of sites as online buyers in the US and other European countries,” says Ms. von Abrams. “But they must be big readers—both Amazon UK and were in a recent list of top 10 most-visited shopping sites.”

Top 10 B2C E-Commerce Sites in the UK, Ranked by Visits, July 2007

See where this bellwether economy is heading online. Download the new eMarketer report, UK Internet: Users and Usage, today.

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Russian Online Population Explosion

Posted by Mort Greenberg on February 13, 2008

Russian Online Population Explosion

FEBRUARY 7, 2008

Moving the Web beyond Moscow.

By the end of 2008, Russia will be the second largest Internet market in Europe.eMarketer predicts that Russia will have more than 40 million Internet users by the end of the year. In Europe, only Germany will have a larger online population.

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Russia is projected to have nearly 43% of its population using the Web by 2012, up 72% from the 2007 level.

Internet Users and Penetration in Russia, 2007-2012 (millions and % of population)

“Russia, Poland and the other Eastern European countries are the growth drivers for Internet adoption in Europe,” said Ben Macklin, senior analyst at eMarketer.

Mr. Macklin said that although the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries have reached Internet usage saturation within their populations, Central and Eastern Europe were the next spots to watch.

“Telecommunications upgrades and economic growth in Central and Eastern Europe will ensure a second phase of European Internet growth over the next few years,” he said.

In September 2007, comScore World Metrix put Russian Internet penetration at only 12%.

comScore counts users age 15 and older, while eMarketer counts those 3 and older. eMarketer’s number is also for all of 2007, while comScore’s count was made before the fourth quarter and therefore excludes users added during that period. Finally, comScore does not count access from Internet cafes or mobile devices.

Internet Penetration and Usage in Europe, by Country, September 2007 (% of population and average per unique visitor)

The Russian-based Public Opinion Foundation released Internet penetration data for the country at the end of 2007. The group said that 23% of the Russian adult population used the Internet at least monthly, putting its counts closer to eMarketer’s.

Adult Internet Users in Russia, by Frequency of Usage, 2003-2007* (% of total population)

The eMarketer US Online Population report will be published this month. Click here to be notified when it is released.  

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Asia-Pacific E-Commerce Rises

Posted by Mort Greenberg on February 13, 2008

Asia-Pacific E-Commerce Rises

FEBRUARY 6, 2008

Online travel is big in China and India.

Japan and South Korea are known for having high Internet and mobile phone penetration, so it’s not surprising that the countries lead the Asia-Pacific region in business-to-consumer e-commerce sales. In fact, such sales are growing across the region.B2C e-commerce sales, including travel, for the five major countries that eMarketer covers in the Asia-Pacific region totaled an estimated $73.3 billion in 2007. That is up 24% over 2006.

eMarketer forecasts that online sales will more than double by reaching $168.7 billion in 2011.

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B2C E-Commerce Sales* in Select Countries in the Asia-Pacific Region, 2006-2011 (bilions)

What is new is that market share is moving toward Australia, India and especially China. China’s share of regional B2C e-commerce will grow more than threefold from 4.1% in 2006 to 14.3% by 2011.

Shifting market share is a reflection of differences in e-commerce growth rates.

China’s B2C e-commerce market is on the fast track, with eMarketer expecting sales to grow at a 58.5% average annual rate from 2006 to 2011. India is also a high flyer with sales forecast to grow at a 48.8% annual rate. At the low end, South Korea’s B2C e-commerce sales will grow by 13.3% over the same period. Between 2006 and 2011, the aggregate CAGR for the five countries will be 23.3%.

Distribution of B2C E-Commerce Sales* in Select Countries in the Asia-Pacific Region, 2006 & 2011 (% of total)

Online travel is the largest e-commerce sales category in most major countries. For the same group of five countries, plus New Zealand, online leisure and unmanaged business travel sales totaled about $17.7 billion in 2007 and are forecast to rise to $41.7 billion by 2011.

eMarketer forecasts that from 2006 to 2011 online travel sales will grow at a 24.8% annual rate, higher than the 23.3% rate for B2C e-commerce. This indicates that travel is one of the key drivers of e-commerce sales in the APAC region.

Asia-Pacific* Online Leisure/Unmanaged Business Travel Bookings, 2006-2011 (billions and % increase vs. prior year)

In China and India, online-travel spending drives B2C e-commerce sales, and it accounts for a majority of total sales. Consumers are less wary of buying services like train or airline tickets online, and sellers can avoid the logistics and delivery problems associated with physical goods.

Jeffrey Grau, senior analyst at eMarketer, said that such preferences underscore how e-commerce in the region has a vast amount of growth ahead.

“E-commerce in these markets will have come of age when consumers start buying more expensive, high-touch categories such as apparel, home furnishings and jewelry,” Mr. Grau said.

Learn what it takes for Web merchants to succeed across the Pacific. Read eMarketer’s Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce: Focus on China and India report.  

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500 Million Internet Users in Asia-Pacific

Posted by Mort Greenberg on February 13, 2008

500 Million Internet Users in Asia-Pacific

FEBRUARY 12, 2008

Ben Macklin, Senior Analyst

According to recent estimates there were 6.6 billion people in the world in 2007. Of that number, 1.15 billion, or 17.5%, were regular Internet users. By 2012, eMarketer projects that over 1.7 billion people worldwide (24.5%) will access the Internet at least once per month.This year will see China overtake the United States as the most populous Internet nation in the world and the Asia-Pacific region will top 500 million Internet users.

Internet Users Worldwide, by Region, 2007-2012 (millions and CAGR*)

By 2012, nearly 50% of the world’s Internet population will live in the Asia-Pacific region. The share of the world’s Internet users in Europe and North America will fall, though absolute numbers will continue to rise in both regions, as the share of users in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region both grow.

Internet Users Worldwide, by Region, 2007 & 2012 (% of total)

The Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries lead the world in terms of Internet penetration, and reached something of a saturation point around 80% of the population in 2007.

Countries such as China, Russia, India, Brazil and Mexico are relatively immature Internet markets and will be the primary drivers for worldwide Internet user growth over the next five years.

Internet Users and Penetration in Select Countries Worldwide, 2007 (millions and % of population)

eMarketer recently updated its Internet user estimates for 25 countries worldwide. These estimates and many others, are available to eMarketer subscribers

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