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Building a Real-Time Social Search Engine: Why Google Should Buy Twitter

Posted by June Xu on June 11, 2009

Article Link: Search Insider

Article Author: Rob Garner

Article Date: 10-June-09

From the Article:

Over the last 15 months, I have been analyzing both Twitter (feeds and search), and the Google “real-time” Search Options feature for Web Search (many months before release, a Search Options search box could be configured by modifying the URL with its date-based variable).  During this time, I have come to the following three conclusions about the prospects of real-time social search engines:  1) The reality of the robust real-time search concept is much closer than we think; 2) real-time search results have a number of common uses, and are highly preferable over “anytime” search for a wide variety of search tasks; 3) the best way for real-time social search to come to full fruition is for Google to acquire Twitter, and add a social network layer to its crawler-based real-time results.


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Meebo: We’re making bank

Posted by June Xu on June 10, 2009

Article Link: CNet News

Article Author: Rafe Needleman

Article Date: 09-June-09

From the Article:

I got an impenetrable pitch from Meebo Monday about some new features in the company’s “Community IM” program that we covered in October. The note said, “Content sites interested in increasing the volume of content sharing, but without their own social graph, can use the multi-network IM feature to expand their reach and drive social interactions.”

Following up — because I do love a puzzle and I remain curious about Meebo’s business — I learned that Meebo is expanding its chat product that sites like CafeMom are using with a few features that link those users into the broader Meebo network and into new Meebo features. And also that Meebo’s making money, which I never expected.

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Ten Percent of Twitter Users Account for 90% of Activity

Posted by Andrew Daniels on June 8, 2009

Article Link: Adage

Article Author: Nicholas Carlson

Article Date: 02-June-09

From the Article:

A new Harvard Business Review study reveals that 10% of Twitter users account for more than 90% of Twitter messages sent.

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Digg Plans Social Ads

Posted by June Xu on June 5, 2009

Article Link: Adweek

Article Author: Brian Morrissey

Article Date: 04-June-09

From the Article:

NEW YORK Social news site Digg is rolling out its first major ad product, borrowing a page from Facebook by designing units that mimic the site experience itself.

The new Digg Ads will look much the same as other site content: a headline, thumbnail photo and link to another site. They will appear within the stream of headlines on Digg pages and provide the same options for users to “Digg” or “bury” links and leave comments.

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Move Over, Q Scores

Posted by Andrew Daniels on June 2, 2009

Article Link: Adage

Article Author: Wayne Arnold

Article Date: 01 -June-09

From the Article:

As Simon Clift of Unilever made clear at the Ad Age Digital Conference recently, brands no longer have total control of the communications surrounding their products or even the positioning of them. That power is now in the hands of the digital consumer. Ford agrees. It’s just asked 100 bloggers to launch the Fiesta in the U.S.

Every week I read about a campaign headed in that direction. Skittles and Land Rover had their respective Twitter experiments, and while we are yet to find out if candy flew off the shelves and more 4x4s hit the road, I applaud their willingness and bravery in stress testing what I, too, think are the new rules.

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MySpace Experimenting With Interactive Ads Powered By SocialMedia

Posted by Andrew Daniels on June 1, 2009

Article Link: TechCrunch

Article Author: Jason Kincaid

Article Date: 01 -June-09

From the Article:

At this morning’s Conversational Marketing Summit in New York, SocialMedia CEO Seth Goldstein revealed that the advertising company had been working with MySpace to develop and deploy ‘Interaction Ads’ – an advertising product that can prompt a MySpace member for input and use that, along with MySpace’s social graph, to tailor the advertising shown to their friends.

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Twitter search engine Topsy launches with $15M

Posted by Andrew Daniels on June 1, 2009

Article Link: VentureBeat

Article Author: Camille Ricketts                  

Article Date: 01-June-09

From the Article:, launched last week, is a brand new search engine focused exclusively on Twitter content. Like Google, it presents its results based on popularity metrics, namely the popularity or influence of the tweeter in question — a factor determined by how many followers the user has and how many time his or her messages have been re-tweeted.

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Russians Spend Big for a Piece of Facebook

Posted by June Xu on May 29, 2009

Article Link: NYTimes .com

Article Author: Claire Cain Miller

Article Date: 26-May-09

From the Article:

A Russian investment firm, Digital Sky Technologies, has invested $200 million in the social networking company Facebook in return for a 1.96 percent stake, the two companies said Tuesday.

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List of Advertising Agencies on Twitter

Posted by michael hoydich on May 27, 2009

Article Link: Mojave

Article Date: 09-March-09

Examples from Article:

Incognito Digital: 🙂

Leo Burnett:

Design Kitchen:
Draft FCB:
GSD&M Idea City:

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4 signs you’re a social media failure

Posted by Mort Greenberg on May 6, 2009

Article Link:  iMediaConnection


Article Date: 6-May-09


Image Created by:

From the Article:

“Market research firm Gartner projects that more than 75 percent of Fortune 1000 companies with websites will attempt some kind of online social media initiative for marketing or customer relations purposes. Gartner also projects that 50 percent of those efforts will fail.

Recognizing failure and learning from it is the nature of our business, especially for emerging channels such as social media. Repeatedly, it is a brave few who take risks while the rest point fingers and follow. When a company does dare to risk, we are quick to judge and condemn rather than celebrate.

To be realistic, most of us are accountable to multiple stakeholders — brands, consumers, our own organizations, and colleagues. There are, however, ways to minimize risks, learn from the stumbles, and move forward without leaving a trail of flames.”

Image from

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