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Where Are All the Good Online Ad Sales People?

Posted by Mort Greenberg on October 19, 2008

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Article Author: Heidi Cohen

Being a Good Online Salesperson: Advertisers and sales managers differ on what it takes to be a good online ad salesperson in today’s marketplace. Advertisers believe ad salespeople must appreciate their goals and needs. Marketers want salespeople to:

  • Understand their brand. This includes knowing where the product’s sold and the current online activity. Julie Barile of notes, “Sales representatives rarely do this research effectively.”
  • Know the performance metrics to be optimized. Understand advertisers’ need to deliver return on their ad investment and media’s contribution to it.
  • Listen to their needs and address them. Don’t make the advertiser fit the salesperson’s offering and available inventory.
  • Partner with marketers to meet their objectives. Continue to service the account after the sale.



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