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Making Great Online Ad Creative

Posted by Mort Greenberg on October 23, 2008

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Article Author: Dave Chaffey

The questions to ask are … Is the ad…

A. Consistently branded?

  • Is every frame in the advert branded?
  • Is the product name clearly referenced?
  • Would the branding be consistent without the logo?
  • What interest or value does it offer? Particularly effective are:
    • Time limited offers (this week only, final week)
    • Unique web offers – only available online
    • Surveys / polls / questions

B. Clear? With a…

  • Clear primary offer / message ?
  • Clear secondary offer / message ?
  • Have you communicated message in 3-4 frames or less?

C. Response driven

Will the advert drive response?

  • Is the call to action in every/most frames?
  • Which product / theme is the ad about
  • Which search would it prompt : “Brand” + ??
  • Does it include URL ( if creating awareness of a newly launched site?


Is the ad interactive:

  • Prompting rollover if it is an expandable banner (the example below doesn’t do this)
  • Encouraging interaction through mouse rollovers – those it give a feedback loop
  • Encouraging interaction through data entry or slider controls.



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