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News Highlights: Behavioral Targeting

Posted by Mort Greenberg on April 9, 2008


Behavioral Targeting: Why This Hot Technology is Burning its Users
WebProNews, KY – 12 hours ago
Behavioral targeting (BT) has been around since the first dotcom days. In late 2007 it rose to fame again thanks to a few big promoters like Facebook;
Targeting with Culture in Mind
ClickZ News, NY – 7 hours ago
By Vicky Chen, The ClickZ Network, Apr 9, 2008 Behavioral targeting has evolved from tracking consumers’ online action to evaluating their mindsets and
FTC Divided Over Online ‘Behavioral Targeting InformationWeek
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How To Use, Really Use, Behavioral Targeting, NY – 19 hours ago
You can hardly open up your browser these days without hearing about behavioral targeting. Well, buckle up–because the fun is just beginning.
Behavioral Targeting: Chicken Soup for Recession’s Soul
ADOTAS, NY – Apr 7, 2008
If so, then it’s time to change our behavior. What behavioral targeting has always offered is a way to engage with our target audience in a way that is
AMC Hopes To Alter Upfront Buying Behavior, Offers TV Guarantees
MediaPost Publications, New York – Apr 7, 2008
The behavioral targeting component of AMC’s 2008-09 upfront sales strategy is part of a suite of new audience metrics developed by the channel,
Just An Online Minute… European Regulators Propose Stricter, NY – 15 hours ago
Bills are pending in New York and Connecticut that would regulate behavioral targeting. These bills, still in early stages, would require companies to allow
On Ad Networks: Pork Bellies, Diamonds, Or The New Direct Marketing?
Washington Post, United States – 16 hours ago
All about pricing: Sarah Welch, co-founder and COO, Mindset Media, an ad network specializing in “psychographic” behavioral targeting, noted that a lot of S – WPO
Spying on Internet users
International Herald Tribune, France – Apr 7, 2008
The big growth area in online advertising right now is “behavioral targeting.” Web sites can charge a premium if they are able to tell the maker of an
Behavioral Targeting Still Concerns Consumers
eMarketer, NY – Apr 1, 2008
“Education once again appears to be the key to finding a constructive balance between behavioral targeting and consumer privacy,” said Fran Maier,
Consumers Well Aware of Behavioral Tracking, Targeting – Don’t
Media Buyer Planner, MD – Apr 1, 2008
Marketers use behavioral targeting to deliver a more customized experience (ie, relevant ads) and to improve their marketing metrics, but they run up

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